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This is Our Generation

the1960s.jpgWhen Newsweek came in the mail this week, I was suprised to see the cover story.  It looked like a birthday party and said “1968: The Year That Made Us Who We Are.”  I looked at it a few days, wondering what was so special about 1968.  It was 39 years ago, and since it’s almost 2008, it was the presidential election four decades ago.  I didn’t make a connection– until I opened it and finally read the article.  And I must say it was a great article.

The promise of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is that he is going to lead a “new generation.”  Last week, when being interviewed by FOX News, he said the main difference between him and Hillary Clinton is “Senator Clinton and others have been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s.  It makes it very difficult for them to bring this country together to get things done.”  He claims he is not of the ’60s.

I say, how could he not be? With several parallels between today and the ’60s, the only way to win this election is not to deny being a product of the ’60s, but to embrace that fact.

Three Things the ’60s Taught Us:

In the years of American Bandstand and the Beatles, there was a lot going on in Washington. 

The Civil Rights Movement.  It taught us that we are all created equal regardless of race.  So then, why are there still race issues?  Just last week, a student editor hung a noose in a university newsroom, and he was fired on the spot.  It was an issue of race.

Women’s Rights.  We can’t talk about the ’60s without mentioning women’s rights.  Then why are women still not treated the same as men?  Why are there single mothers who are barely getting by?

Vietnam.  Didn’t the war in Vietnam teach our nation anything?  Vietnam was supposed to teach us to be a “humble superpower” and yet we are making the same mistakes in Iraq.

The 1960s taught us a lot, but this is Our Generation.  The 2008 election will mean as much to America as the 1968 election did.



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