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Truthiness and Justice for All

colbert.jpgNot long ago, comedian Stephen Colbert announced he was running for president.  He said he was running on the Democratic and Republican ticket in South Carolina so he could lose twice.  After Colbert announced he was running, he started campaigning and soon had many supporters.  Now, I’m not sure if they were real supporters or people were just supporting him because they think he’s funny on his show.

Everything was going fine for Colbert- until last week when the democratic party of South Carolina rejected his application.   And now a campaign has been launched for people to call and protest this decision.  One thousand calls is considered a successful campaign.  Colbert’s supporters are asking for 10,000.  Good Luck!

Now, I don’t think Colbert should run for president.  I don’t think he’d be a good president.  I don’t think he thinks he’d be a good president. But I still think anyone who wants to apply to be on the ballot who meets the requirements should be allowed to run.   Shouldn’t it be up to the American public (or South Carolina’s) if said person would make a good president?



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