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Conversational Campaigning

johnedwards2.jpgThere are more than 200 videos posted on YouTube by user JohnEdwards.  If you take a look at his profile, it says he is a democrat from North Carolina who enjoys basketball, running, reading and writing.  He also enjoys listening to Bruce Springsteen and has been a YouTube user since March 23, 2006.  And, oh yeah, he’s running for president.

Current candidates for president are beginning to understand how to reach the young voters.  Social media. They all have MySpace pages with hundreds of “friends” and links to official campaign sites and YouTube videos.  The friends post comments and send messages directly to campaign headquarters. This time around, campaigning has become a two-way conversation.  

hillary.jpgAlthough she may have missed the boat on gather.com, it looks like Hillary Clinton has jumped on the bandwagon with using Web 2.0. “One month ago I began a conversation with all of you, and so far we haven’t stopped talking…” Begins a podcast from Hillary Clinton, or a “HillCAST,” if you will. 

It’s conversations like these, where voters can voice opinions and get a response, that are going to help win this election- or at least the New Hampshire primary….



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