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George Bush has started blogging.

OK, so maybe George W. himself isn’t blogging, but Bush officials have entered the blogosphere. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and Michael Chertoff at the Department of Homeland Security are the first two of the Bush Administration to maintain blogs.

leavitt_big.jpgLeavitt’s blog began in August and has a variety of topics. In recent posts, he challenges New York Times editorials critical of the Bush Administration and defends Bush’s veto of the children’s health care program bill. His entries bring up valid points, but tend to be a little long and I don’t know many people who have the time to see what he has to say.

chertoff.jpgAccording to CNN.com, Chertoff began blogging in September to “open a dialouge with the American people about our nation’s security.” Sounds like he understands what the purpose of a blog is.

I say kudos to these two.  If their blogs present an honest, inside look at these departments, then they are just what is needed to gain support of the American population.  But I’m not certain they are.

And, on a side note, Chuck Norris has chosen who he backs for president.  And Steven Colbert has announced he is running for president, but more on that later.



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