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Redstate.com: The banning of Ron Paul

ronpaul.jpgWho is this Ron Paul guy anyway?

Ron Paul is a Congressman from Texas (originally from Pittsburgh, Penn.) seeking the Republican nomination for the 2008 election.

Until recently, when someone said “Ron Paul, ” people did not think of a potential presidential candidate.  Most people in Ohio didn’t even know who the man was.  That’s all changed now.

Most of Paul’s campaign is based on social media.  He is using the Web to engage his voters.  He is a member of YouTube and has an active fan base there.

Last Tuesday, he was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  He may not be high in the polls, but he’s third when it come to fundraising and his supporters seem to be the younger generation of republicans. 

“Would you accept a vice-presidency?”  Leno asked Paul.

“I don’t think I’d be offered one,”  Paul simply answered. redstate_com.jpg

What’s the deal with RedState.com?

RedState.com is a Web site that promotes the GOP and conservative ideals.  Not a bad thing.  The site states it’s purpose in it’s posting rules section. “The purpose of this site is (to) promote conservative and Republican ideals.”

So what’s the problem?

Well, last week, RedState.com banned all support of Ron Paul.  Anyone who had been a supporter of the candidate was banned.  If they had been an active user for more than 6 months, they were allowed to continue to be a member of the site– as long as they stopped supporting Ron Paul.

Redstate.com announced this to the site’s users as a blog posting. And then closed comments. Wow.

Now, I think this is a bit drastic.  So what if Ron Paul has no chance at actually getting the nomination?  I thought the purpose of Redstate.com was supposed to be to suport all things republican.  Ron Paul is running republican.  He should get the same support as any other GOP candidate.

I don’t think the ban is going to hurt Ron Paul or his credibility at all.  I think if it hurts anyone it will be Redstate.com.  That’s bad PR, Redstate!

With the republican party already being in a fragile state, I don’t think a so-called “supportive” site should be banning candidates in its own party.  But that’s just me.



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Conversational Campaigning

johnedwards2.jpgThere are more than 200 videos posted on YouTube by user JohnEdwards.  If you take a look at his profile, it says he is a democrat from North Carolina who enjoys basketball, running, reading and writing.  He also enjoys listening to Bruce Springsteen and has been a YouTube user since March 23, 2006.  And, oh yeah, he’s running for president.

Current candidates for president are beginning to understand how to reach the young voters.  Social media. They all have MySpace pages with hundreds of “friends” and links to official campaign sites and YouTube videos.  The friends post comments and send messages directly to campaign headquarters. This time around, campaigning has become a two-way conversation.  

hillary.jpgAlthough she may have missed the boat on gather.com, it looks like Hillary Clinton has jumped on the bandwagon with using Web 2.0. “One month ago I began a conversation with all of you, and so far we haven’t stopped talking…” Begins a podcast from Hillary Clinton, or a “HillCAST,” if you will. 

It’s conversations like these, where voters can voice opinions and get a response, that are going to help win this election- or at least the New Hampshire primary….


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Gathering to discuss politics, one discussion group at a time.

I election2008election2008spend a lot of my free time googling anything and everything thatelection2008election2008 comes to mind. Usually it has some sort of relevance to stuff going on in the world, and is usually in some way related to pElectionElectionolitics. What can I say, I’m a political science geek.

I recently stumbled upon the social networking site Gather. Gather is a site focused on attracting the older, more sophisticated demographic then, say, MySpace. It has recently launched a political discussion forum that includes videos, articles and news stories. The members of the Gather community discuss hot issues on the forums and so far seven presidential candidates have created group discussions on the site. I find it interesting that there is no page for Hillary. But, maybe she just doesn’t understand Web 2.0 yet.



A couple of weeks ago, Gather announced they are organizing a blogger search to find six bloggers to keep them informed about the issues of this election. The name of the search is “People’s Press Corps.” Anyone who is interested in being one of the six is asked to submit articles and/or video to the site. The winners (two democrats, two republicans and two independents) will be chosen by the Gather community and Gather Editorial Board.

People (more than 34,000 on Gather’s political essentials page alone) are using Web 2.0 to gather information about the election so they can made informed decisions. And it’s not just college students. A recent poll taken of the users of Gather, 98.8 percent of them said they will be voting in the 2008 election.


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