About the Author

wordpresswordpress I’m pretty much just your average 21-year-old college senior. I work part-time at a drug store by campus. I live in an apartment with one of my best friends in the whole world. I spend my days off (which are few and far between) studying, checking out Facebook and YouTube, and eating pizza.

When I came to Kent State University four years ago, I was just a shy farm girl from Northwestern Pennsylvania with hopes of having an unforgettable college experience. I must say, I have.

I was the College of Arts and Sciences reporter for the Daily Kent Stater for a semester. I learned a lot from my semester working at the paper. I got to interview a lot of interesting people such as author A. Van Jordan and Congressman Tim Ryan. It was also cool walking down the hall and the Dean stopping me to say hello.

n1700093_30260309_1496.jpgI spent the spring semester of my sophomore year studying human rights, international business, government and French in the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland. One of the highlights was a seminar on Terrorism. In that class we listened to lectures by UN delegates from Iran, Israel, Palestine, North Korea, China, Pakistan and many other countries. It sure was more exciting than my Global Issues class at General McLane High School, which is what first sparked my interest in government and policy.

My final semester at Kent State will be spent interning in Washington, D.C., as part of the Washington Program in National Issues. I hope to gain a better understanding of the government and PR issues on the Hill.

The Basics:

Born: August 2, 1986

Raised: Edinboro, PA

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Place on Earth: Lugano, Switzerland (Swiss Paradise)

Hot on my iPod: James Taylor, The Beatles


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