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Public Relations is probably the single most important aspect of a political campaign.  Image is everything. 

In 1960, the presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon was the first ever to be televised.  Those listening to it on the radio said Nixon won, but the 70-million who watched it on television said Kennedy won.  Why? Because those viewers focused more on what they saw rather than what they heard.  Nixon was a nervous speaker and Kennedy had a great appearance.  Television had a significant impact on the outcome of the election. 

Is social media about to become the “television” of the 2008 election?

This blog will discuss the impact social media and Web 2.0 are having on the 2008 election and what PR professionals and candidates are doing about it.


2 responses to “About the Blog

  1. John

    Finally a blog just for me:

    – Information presented just the way I like it: Unfair, Unbalanced and Unmedicated!

    – 10 second talking points to impress all my friends

    – Rhetorical questions for a rhetorical society, conveniently placed at a point I should ask the question.

    Does the upgrade to Election 2.0 fix the “hanging chad” flaw in Election 1.0?

  2. election20

    We can hope, but the only solution to “hanging chads” seems to be electronic voting, which is just too complicated and too expensive. And it would probably just cause a lot more problems.

    You would think that with all the advances in technology in the past century, there would be a secure and simple way to vote.

    Maybe we should all take a lesson and go back to voting by a raise of hands. It’s how they do it at the Landsgemeinde in Appenzell, Switzerland. And I don’t think they have “hanging chad” problems.

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