The banning of Ron Paul

ronpaul.jpgWho is this Ron Paul guy anyway?

Ron Paul is a Congressman from Texas (originally from Pittsburgh, Penn.) seeking the Republican nomination for the 2008 election.

Until recently, when someone said “Ron Paul, ” people did not think of a potential presidential candidate.  Most people in Ohio didn’t even know who the man was.  That’s all changed now.

Most of Paul’s campaign is based on social media.  He is using the Web to engage his voters.  He is a member of YouTube and has an active fan base there.

Last Tuesday, he was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  He may not be high in the polls, but he’s third when it come to fundraising and his supporters seem to be the younger generation of republicans. 

“Would you accept a vice-presidency?”  Leno asked Paul.

“I don’t think I’d be offered one,”  Paul simply answered. redstate_com.jpg

What’s the deal with is a Web site that promotes the GOP and conservative ideals.  Not a bad thing.  The site states it’s purpose in it’s posting rules section. “The purpose of this site is (to) promote conservative and Republican ideals.”

So what’s the problem?

Well, last week, banned all support of Ron Paul.  Anyone who had been a supporter of the candidate was banned.  If they had been an active user for more than 6 months, they were allowed to continue to be a member of the site– as long as they stopped supporting Ron Paul. announced this to the site’s users as a blog posting. And then closed comments. Wow.

Now, I think this is a bit drastic.  So what if Ron Paul has no chance at actually getting the nomination?  I thought the purpose of was supposed to be to suport all things republican.  Ron Paul is running republican.  He should get the same support as any other GOP candidate.

I don’t think the ban is going to hurt Ron Paul or his credibility at all.  I think if it hurts anyone it will be  That’s bad PR, Redstate!

With the republican party already being in a fragile state, I don’t think a so-called “supportive” site should be banning candidates in its own party.  But that’s just me.



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4 responses to “ The banning of Ron Paul

  1. This is untrue hogwash. Ron Paul supporters were NOT banned from RedState. How do I know? Because they’re still there!

  2. election20

    Hey, I just know what I read on’s Web site.

    “Effective immediately, new users may *not* shill for Ron Paul in any way shape, form or fashion. Not in comments, not in diaries, nada. If your account is less than 6 months old, you can talk about something else, you can participate in the other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want, but you cannot pimp Ron Paul.”

    Sounds to me like the site is being intolerant of opinions. This confuses me, because I thought the point of the site was a place for people to go and talk about conservative issues and opinions. I guess you’re allowed to have opinions on the site as long as the man in charge approves of them.

  3. Michelle Cocita

    According to the link provided, “New users are still welcome to join the site and post comments relevant to ongoing discussions, and even to express support for Paul, said Erickson. But he said he’d delete the accounts of those who pepper the discussions with repeated plugs for the candidate.” If the case was concerning not being about to take part in the Web site’s discussion because of a political view, I would agree that it was wrong. However, my interpretation is that those that were posting unfavorable and inappropriate material are being punished. Ron Paul is running as a republican and is a republican site, but the discussions taking place should be tasteful.

  4. Enzo

    Thousands of people have been banned from Redstate just because they disagree with the war or say a curse word or some other very minor thing. It’s like communist China on that website.

    I posted a comment supporting why I think Ron Paul is good and got banned within 10 minutes.

    Redstate can do as they please. However, they don’t realize their behavior and similar behavior of conservatives like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. are what will make the Republicans lose the next election.

    If Ron Paul is not the candidate, and he won’t be, let’s get real, the Democrats will win in a LANDSLIDE next election. Many Republicans, like me, will only vote for Ron Paul or we will vote for the Democratic candidate to punish the Republicans.

    Many Democrats and Independents would vote for Ron Paul too, but they would never vote for the remaining Republican candidates in any significant numbers.

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