Gathering to discuss politics, one discussion group at a time.

I election2008election2008spend a lot of my free time googling anything and everything thatelection2008election2008 comes to mind. Usually it has some sort of relevance to stuff going on in the world, and is usually in some way related to pElectionElectionolitics. What can I say, I’m a political science geek.

I recently stumbled upon the social networking site Gather. Gather is a site focused on attracting the older, more sophisticated demographic then, say, MySpace. It has recently launched a political discussion forum that includes videos, articles and news stories. The members of the Gather community discuss hot issues on the forums and so far seven presidential candidates have created group discussions on the site. I find it interesting that there is no page for Hillary. But, maybe she just doesn’t understand Web 2.0 yet.



A couple of weeks ago, Gather announced they are organizing a blogger search to find six bloggers to keep them informed about the issues of this election. The name of the search is “People’s Press Corps.” Anyone who is interested in being one of the six is asked to submit articles and/or video to the site. The winners (two democrats, two republicans and two independents) will be chosen by the Gather community and Gather Editorial Board.

People (more than 34,000 on Gather’s political essentials page alone) are using Web 2.0 to gather information about the election so they can made informed decisions. And it’s not just college students. A recent poll taken of the users of Gather, 98.8 percent of them said they will be voting in the 2008 election.



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2 responses to “Gathering to discuss politics, one discussion group at a time.

  1. Charlotta

    I’ll have to check out now. Every bit of information helps!

  2. beth

    very informational…i will definatly have to check out

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